Romantic summer with a collection of jewelery “Old Town”.


Old Town has seen a lot and will tell you without a guide about victories and defeats, wealth and poverty of its people. On its body we see the imprints of different periods of life. Look how much it has seen, experienced, achieved and over time it will surely about us.

A trip to the Old Town is planned in advance. You buy a ticket, nervously follow the weather reports, call your friends and always expect some miracle associated with the trip. And finally – the long-awaited holiday, and you’re in a hurry for a train. Night in the compartment, smalltalk of fellow passengers and tea in the cup holder. And in the morning … you wake up earlier than other passengers, enchanted, you look out the window, where intricate outlines of ancient buildings with lions and cupids emerges  from the morning mist, the spiers of the decrepit churches scrape on low floating clouds, and your look freezes on rough rocks and crooked doorways created by hands and time. You wake friends and hastily grabbing travel bags, you run out of the car looking forward to meet an old friend. And Old town, awakened from centuries of sleep, hospitably opens window shutters and doors of cozy cafes.

Narrow streets are like a magical maze where you want to get lost and to think about something important. And you open the creaking gates and find yourself in a small courtyard with pink petunias on the windowsills where you can enjoy a royal, or contrariwise, an ordinary dishes, touch the rusty signs and walk on the paving stones. Involuntarily, piercing through the veil of modern rhythms thoughtful and gentle melody of the old romance pops out in your head … In this melody – gallant chevaliers and noble girls, peace and beauty of feelings interwoven with sadness and wisdom.

This is it – the Old Town, sincere and real.

A resident of the Old City can not be an ordinary person, this wonderful place brings a special kind of people. Sketches for our new collection of “Old Town” are made by Lviv artist Svitozar Korchinskiy.

Forged bronze elements of decor are often found in the old part of the city anf that is why we made sculptural insertions in urban architecture style, combining noble colors of antique silver and gold. Also, in this collection we used the new moves: zipper toggles for bracelets, convenient and concise, and earrings on studs, invisible and perfectly fixed on the earlobe.

We hope these innovations will fall to your taste and we are grateful for the feedback and reviews.

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With love, Scythian Ethnic

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