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    Blessed by Nature: your gorgeous autumn

    Our team continues to develop the theme of luxury period – Ukrainian Baroque.

    Autumn is not a reason for sadness. This is an occasion to open something new in the world and to review own results.

    Autumn is time of grace. Instead of the hot summer comes cool evening and morning mist. Nature as a kind mother offers us her blessings, filling our home by delicious flavors! All the smells and vibrant colors of autumn we’ve tried to capture in our new jewerly “Blessed by Nature” from collection “Ukrainian Baroque”.


    Baroque and Ukrainian Baroque

    Baroque – style of European art and architecture. At various times, the term “baroque” had different meanings. The term “Baroque” was initially used in a derogatory sense, to underline the excesses of its emphasis ( it derives from the Portuguese word “barroco” which refer to a “rough or imperfect pearl”). Today the term is used in works of art to determine the style that prevailed in European art between Mannerism and Rococo, that is, about the beginning of the XVII to the beginning of the XVIII century. From Mannerism Baroque art inherited a dynamic and profound emotion, and from the Renaissance – solidity and splendor: the features of both styles harmoniously merged into one single entity.

    We are pleased to announce the launch of an updated collection Mirzhen.

    The name Mirzhen stands for Women’s World: a weak and a strong, rigorous and defenseless, responsible and eccentric at the same time. Women want to be beautiful, healthy, harmonious, live in peace with themselves and others, build proper relationships with loved ones.

    A new collection “Cossack” – songs about love and fidelity …

    Masters of Scythian Ethnic TM  have long nurtured the idea and dreamed to put it into a decent collection for strong and courageous men.

    We have not had to think about the theme for long. Cossacks have always been an example of courage, love of freedom, honor and dignity.

    Ukrainian Baroque: brighter, more juicy


    So today is time for a new beautiful continuation of the collection of jewerly – “Ukrainian Baroque“. The main idea of collection plays a major role but acquires new accents and shades.

    In this remix we used the original drawings, ethnic ornaments and have continued experiments with the earrings and clasps.

    Romantic summer with a collection of jewelery “Old Town”.

    Old Town has seen a lot and will tell you without a guide about victories and defeats, wealth and poverty of its people. On its body we see the imprints of different periods of life. Look how much it has seen, experienced, achieved and over time it will surely about us.

    Древняя Скифия

    «Да, скифы — мы! Да, азиаты — мы! С раскосыми и жадными очами!..».
    Александр Блок

    Давным-давно, начиная со второй половины VIII — начала VII в. до н. э., на необъятных просторах степей и лесостепей, от Причерноморья до Саяно-Алтая, кочевали загадочные народы. Античные писатели и историки называли их скифами.

    New collection “Ancient Scythia” TM “Scythian Ethnic”

    Once upon a time, starting from the second half of the VIII – the beginning of the VII century BC vastness of steppe and forest-steppe, from the Black Sea to the Sayano-Altai, were roamed by mysterious people. Ancient writers and historians called them Scythians.

    Petroglyphs. Сontinued Neolithic theme by Scythian Ethnics TM.

    Petroglyphs – a “colossal prehistoric temple of the sun, where the dome was heaven itself, granite rocks with petroglyphs was iconostasis, and the altar – the horizon with a living solar god” (c).

    Petroglyphs are images carved into the rocks made by ancient people in the Neolithic. Subjects and complexity of petroglyphs could be very different.