One of the ancient Scythian legend says that golden objects that were burning in fire fell from the sky to the ground in broad daylight when the elder sons of Targitai wanted to come closer to the gold. Only the youngest son was able to take these «heavenly» items and bring them to his house. Metal is not given into hand by chance. Sometimes it seems that it is not the master chooses metal, namely, metal chooses the master, the man who will give it the desired shape.
Agricultural nations of northern latitudes are conservative by nature. Being constantly in one place, being tied to a scrap of land cultivating and depending on the vagaries of nature they were rarely able to escape for the creation of some kind of new technology. Everything new and interesting in our land was mainly brought by eternal wanderers Greeks and strangely by the nomads. Ruining some city along with the precious treasures steppe nomad warriors took the best masters of ancient civilizations to nomad life. Until the end of their lives these masters of the Great Steppe forged weapon leaving their art to new owners.
Soul languishes in captivity and is looking for a way out. Perhaps this longing was the cause of the amazing masterpieces of Scythian art created by geniuses unknown for us in favor of arrogant Kagans.
Obviously, the ability to work with metal came with the nomads to the Ukrainian lands. Technology has modernized but the passion for metal jewelry remains the same. Scifska Etnika is a casting foundry having the most modern equipment. Our main direction is jewelry with silver plating in the style of Antique Silver. We use the traditional technology for doing this which was brought to Ukrainian steppe by nomads – Turks (Uzes, Pechenegs, Cumans) about 1,500 years ago.
Each, even the smallest cast before becoming an ornament goes through many
stages of processing.