Blessed by Nature: your gorgeous autumn


Our team continues to develop the theme of luxury period – Ukrainian Baroque.

Autumn is not a reason for sadness. This is an occasion to open something new in the world and to review own results.

Autumn is time of grace. Instead of the hot summer comes cool evening and morning mist. Nature as a kind mother offers us her blessings, filling our home by delicious flavors! All the smells and vibrant colors of autumn we’ve tried to capture in our new jewerly “Blessed by Nature” from collection “Ukrainian Baroque”.



We are pleased to present you 6 new kits:

The Honey Pear includes ring, small earrings, long earrings, pendant, bracelet and brooch. These delicious fruits will become an extension of your unique look.


Currant is a symbol of each garden. Currants – is an age-old symbol of health.

The Currant Leaf includes two kits: silver and bronze colour. Choose your accessories: ringearrings, necklace, bracelet, brooch or a choker.


The symbol of Kiev in chestnut. It was the main idea of jewelry Chestnut and Leaves of Chestnut. Chestnut is a symbol of caring, wisdom and kindness.

The Chestnut includes ringearrings, bracelet, small necklace, necklace, brooch etc.


The Leaves of Chestnut is true embodiment of grace. Choose your jewerly: ring, bracelet, earrings, necklace? Or all may be?


Vines – one of the oldest symbols of fertility, abundance and vitality.

Luxury jewelry The Grape leaf includes ring, necklace, brooch, and two types of earring: small and classic.


Paradise apple – the fruit of the mythological tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Christian tradition. But our tender apples will bring you only the pleasure!

The Paradise Apple includes ring, necklacebraceletbrooch and two kind of earrings.