Shiny, massive, but at the same time a very neat and elegant decoration in the traditional style of Skifska etnika TM constituted a new autumn collection of Byzantium


A mixture of Christianity and paganism, conjunction between East and West, ornaments of our new collection Byzantium combines Greek, Roman and Persian traditions. Solid cross and ring with cabochon, delicate openwork earrings and necklaces with floral and animal motifs – all of this can be seen in our new collection that will expand with new works from our masters.

Byzantine rings were valued by Andy Warhol, Audrey Hepburn was very fond of ancient beads and necklaces. Many celebrities buys ancient Byzantine decorations together with contemporary art.


Byzantine jewelry are found occasionally at excavations in Asia, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Syria and Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, southern Ukraine and Georgia. They got there, as in other places by trade routes, military was and through diplomatic channels, sent as imperial gifts to foreign rulers. And while traveling, they always showed the superiority and artistic influence of Byzantium in the medieval world.


And now you have the opportunity to touch the past through the prism of a centuries and obtain copies of fine Byzantine bijou.


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