New coating for your favorite decorations


We are not resting on laurels and are willing to present new coating for your favorite decorations.
The essence of the novelty is simple – we took a popular bijou kits and decorations and cover them with “old gold” coating. And it has some green tint which makes new coating look close to “green gold” paint.

Color of paint in its hue is similar to the straw.
Since all of our decorations have historical background, it is quite necessary to tell a little about the history of “old gold” coating.

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Through the ages and even today people prefer to wear decorations resembling gold. However, pure gold is too soft to be suitable for most practical purposes. Usually it is alloyed with other reddish or yellow metals such as copper, thus providing required durability margin. If silver is used instead of copper, a green gold is produced.
Usually 18K green gold contains 25% of silver. Cold tone of silver visually lowers the luxurious shine of gold, which ultimately creates more decadent metallic color. It is often present on “gold” credit cards, letterheads or greeting cards where golden glow is not needed.
Gold is often used in graphic and book design. Gold leaf often present, for example, in theatrical costumes. “Old gold” looks more tranquil and therefore more suitable for informal setting.

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Remember that any decorations should highlight your style and personality. Choosing clothes, makeup and jewelry you have to take into account your type of appearance depending on the color of the eyes, hair and skin.
We would really appreciate your opinion about our experiment and feedback on your old decorations which has been given new life by “old gold” coating