A new collection “Cossack” – songs about love and fidelity …


Masters of Scythian Ethnic TM  have long nurtured the idea and dreamed to put it into a decent collection for strong and courageous men.

We have not had to think about the theme for long. Cossacks have always been an example of courage, love of freedom, honor and dignity.


It is probably impossible to tell number of Cossack troops. Similarly hard it is to understand the culture of the people. And as we learn from a lot of sources, we got all inspired by the variety of Cossack culture, their history and heritage. We paid special attention to the Cossack songs, tales of their heroic exploits and life.

Cossacks are representatives of the complex social culture that emerged in the XV – XVII centuries from the military serviceman class and so-called “roaming people” (Free Cossacks).


We could not help but pay attention to Cossacks women and set up two sets of ornaments Summer Lightning and The Steppe, dedicated to those free and proud companions of their men. After all, along with their husbands, they endure the severity of Cossack life, waiting for them from the campaigns, raising their children in proper beliefs passed for generations.


Cossack collections were designed by Viktoria Bondar from Novosibirsk. Images she created – yet another attempt to recall the glorious past of Cossacks, our ancestor’s deeds and covenants.


We are sure that you will be inspired and love bold and at the same time discreet jewelry for men and women which transfer us all the energy and the historical value of times when Cossacks created a springboard for future generations.


Be beautiful and happy.

With love,

Your Scythian Ethnic