We are pleased to announce the launch of an updated collection Mirzhen.


The name Mirzhen stands for Women’s World: a weak and a strong, rigorous and defenseless, responsible and eccentric at the same time. Women want to be beautiful, healthy, harmonious, live in peace with themselves and others, build proper relationships with loved ones.


And to improve women’s world, we have decided to update our collection of jewelry Mirzhen. After all, the world of the modern woman is not still: it is always evolving, following the fashion trends, getting better and more beautiful every day.

The collection is made in antique silver coating and consists of four sets of Owlet, Swallow, Feather and Dance of the Butterflies.


For new decorations, we have used, as usual, original drawings and designs, proceeding with experiments with the stud earrings, making them tiny, almost imperceptible.

Also in Mirzhen collection  we present completely new decorations: experimental model of the ring in a Dance of the Batterflies series and elegant and very fashionable necklace-collar Heavenly Swallows.


Collection is simple but very elegant, versatile and symbolic.

Be beautiful and happy.

With love,

Your Scythian Ethnic