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We use the best Italian technology and materials

Unique jewelery alloy with silver and bronze coating

Design of jewelry is developed on the basis of historical samples from different eras

Jewelry (wholesale and retail)

Care of jewelry

It is necessary to observe only a few simple rules that will help you keep your jewelry in perfect shape for years to come:

1. Do not wear jewelry immediately after applying cosmetic products.

2. Do not apply perfume to products.

3. Wipe the products after each socks, as they are in constant contact with the acidic environment of our skin and can be oxidized.

4. Take care of stones in jewelry from bumps and scratches.

5. It is recommended to remove jewelry before going to the sauna, swimming pool or on the beach, and before cleaning or playing sports: with prolonged contact with water, metal jewelry can oxidize and change its color.

For cleaning jewelry, the most suitable soft tissue tissue or a normal eraser. Be always beautiful!

Jewelry buy

How to choose

Each woman in her own way is beautiful and unique.

Therefore, our tips on choosing jewelry are not strict rules, they are just simple recommendations for choosing the most suitable ornaments that will make your image complete and complete and emphasize the individuality.

There are several "golden" rules for choosing jewelry:

1. Relevance. If you are planning to buy jewelry, determine for what cases it is necessary for you. While sitting with friends, rhinestones and massive decorations will be appropriate, in an office or cultural event it is better to choose something reserved.

2. The golden mean. Sets of jewelry are very convenient to buy. However, do not put all the items of the kit at once, there will not be more than two objects optimal.

3. Style. Different styles of clothing should be combined with similar jewelry. For example, under the summer cotton sarafan accessories in the ethnic style are well suited, and a casual shirt will ideally be complemented by small necklaces under the neck on the skin or metal. Note, however, that eclecticism today in the trend and allows the explorers to roam.

4. The form. The most advantageous are jewelry, selected in accordance with the shape of the face, figure and clothing. A round face should be balanced with long earrings, it is better to select large ornaments to large facial features, and all forms of jewelry are suitable for women with the right oval face.

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