«Skifska Etnika» is a Ukrainian brand the main goal of which is to create qualitative jewelry at a historical subject.

«Skifska Etnika» is a generalized term that unites Tripoli, Turkic, Polovtsian, Slavic and in fact Scythian directions.

As a domestic manufacturer Skifska Etnika offers the most favorable terms of cooperation. Only here you can buy wholesale jewelry at the lowest possible prices and thanks to the coordinated work of the online store you can do it also as quick as possible.

We give you the opportunity to buy not just ordinary jewelry but original authorial decorations in ethnic style thereby pursuing its main task – to try to apply the Ukrainian historical aesthetic to the appearance of a modern person.


Ancient nations have used natural materials (metal, plants, bones, minerals and rocks) to create jewelry long time ago. Such things archaeologists can find today. There is also a variety of necklaces, beads, bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings. Jewelry is often made of semi-precious metals and stones so that wearing them could afford not only the royal personages but also ordinary people.

Scythian culture (VII century BC to III century AD) is one of the brightest and most interesting European culture of the Iron Age. Representatives of this culture were nomadic and agricultural tribes that lived in Eurasia and Northern Black Sea. This ancient nation cultivated land and was engaged in animal husbandry which shows the theme of flora and fauna in the works of the Scythians.

The ancestors of the Slavs were skilled craftsmen in the ornamental arts. Animal motifs with images of deer, elk, bears, horses, birds and fish were taken for the basis of Scythian jewelry. Images and silhouettes of ornaments were not only aesthetic but also had symbolic meanings of amulets and talismans. Ethnic jewelry was produced by implementing fullering, forging, casting, carving and embossing. Characteristic feature of the so-called Scythian animal style is the animals that are often depicted in motion aside and with their head turned to the viewer.

Scythia was once a great and powerful state. Legends and myths of it do not leave history fans indifferent to these days. «Skifska Etnika» will help you to reunite with the spirit of the ancestors, will carry through the ages and immerse you into the history of the great nation.


Please observe a few simple rules that will help you to keep your jewelry in perfect condition for years to come:

  • Do not wear jewelry immediately after application of cosmetic products.
  • Do not apply perfume on the product.
  • Clean the products after each wear as they are in constant contact with the acidic environment of the skin and can be oxidized.
  • Keep the stones in the jewelry saved from bumps and scratches.
  • It is recommended to take off jewelry before going to the sauna, swimming pool or on the beach and before cleaning or doing sports: long-term contact with water metal-containing jewelry can oxidize and change its color.

Dry soft cloth or ordinary eraser is most suitable to clean the jewelry.

Be always beautiful!


Diamonds, silver, gold and platinum is not a cheap pleasure. Fashion trends are changing and evolving very rapidly so for every woman of fashion to buy an expensive jewelry suitable to each new dress or event will not be so easy.  And sometimes you want to please yourself so much! Precious metals and stones can be successufuly changed for the author’s jewelry which offers «Skifska Etnika» True jewelry female connoisseurs know that some jewelry may be more expensive than the one made of precious metals as it has a certain artistic value.

Scythian Ethnique jewellery is made of light metal alloys which allows to do luxurious, massive products that will be easy and comfortable to wear.

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Every woman is beautiful and unique in her own way. Therefore our advices on the selection of fashion jewelry are not rigid rules they’re just simple guidelines for choosing the most appropriate pieces of jewelry that will make your look complete and holistic and emphasize individuality.

There are a few “golden” rules of selection of costume jewelry

  • Appropriateness. If you’re planning to purchase jewelry determine which cases you need it for. When rhinestones and massive jewelry would be appropriate for get-togethers with friends, it is better to choose something low-key to the office or for a cultural event.
  • The golden mean. Jewelry sets are very convenient for shopping. However it is better not to wear all the items of a set at once. Not more than two subjects would look optimally.
  • Style. Different styles of clothing should be combined with a similar jewelry. For example, the cotton summer-dress and a shirt in casual style would perfectly be complemented by small necklace on your neck made from leather or metal. Note, however, that eclecticism today is a trend and allows experimenters to roam.
  • Form. Decorations selected in accordance with the shape of your face, figure and clothing are shown to the best advantage. Round face should be balanced by long earrings. Massive jewelry should be chosen for big features and absolutely all forms of jewelry fit women having the right facial contours.

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«Skifska Etnika» – we will not leave indifferent any fan of fashion!

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