What is baroque and why doing jewelry with such wonderful name?

Translated from the Italian word «baroque» means: quirky, weird, prone to excess. Baroque period is considered to be the beginning of the triumphal march of «western civilization». «european values» triumphantly sunk to our wildly lands in the look of fake French perfumes, woodcut paintings and men’s stockings with bows Exactly in this era.

Woman’s from baroque era treasures are pale skin, her unnatural, pretentious hairstyle, corset and skirt on artificially enhanced framework of whalebone and heels.

An ideal men in this age are gentlemen (from the English. Gentle: «soft», «gentle»,«calm»). Initially he preferred to shave his mustache and beard, perfume and wear powdered wigs. Why do you need force, if people now are being killed by pressing the musket trigger? In the Baroque era naturalness is synonymous with brutality, savagery, vulgarity and extravagance.

If in Europe Baroque symbolized escaping from reality, creating magnificent, unnatural images, the Ukrainian version is completely different. Our Baroque has the same excesses but only in the natural and fruit-juicy things. Slavs are very lively, bright and original people especially in the south. Baroque in our way is like a bloom of all colors of life. It is bright poppies braided into a wreath with red ribbons and under this wreath there are velvet black eyes, shimmering like jewels from the east. Color diversity, contrast, picturesqueness, enhanced decorative effect, unprecedented fancifulness of shapes can be relevant to aesthetic features of Ukrainian Baroque. Its intimate warmth differs radically from Western European «big brother». Such coloring assigns are of cheerful and festive mood. And certainly there are no pallor, wigs, powder and etiquette. Such baroque would be rather extravagance and comedy in Ukraine.

Jewelry from «Ukrainian Baroque» collection  with elements of abstraction are densely decorated with fruit and berrylike ornaments and natural leather. This creates a sense of provincial noisy solemnity with pretensions to nobility. Refined and stylized ornaments and the names of jewelry are typical for the era of 17-18 centuries and we hope they will be close to the modern woman too.