Creator TM “Skifska Etnika”AMM

Andrew Dziubenko:

“I take a great interest in the real history but not a dreamlike. I also try to embody this passion by all means in life leaving behind something beautiful and enhance the rich cultural heritage of my people.

Our collection is a gradual excursion into the depths of centuries from Neolithic times to the present day. From historical sketches like of puzzles a modern man, his character and worldview are made up. And if you remove at least one puzzle the picture will be incomplete.

This is the idea: it seems that the collection is being born but actually a whole historical epoch reveals in a designing thought. I would rather say it opens slightly as I think it is impossible to reveal it completely.

Over the years I have lead our fans by hand along the slender galleries of the past through the old path of anguish and errors of its people in search of a spiritual ideal embodied in art.

Skifska Etnika is a creative comprehension of the national image with its nuances and characteristics; it is a search of the missing puzzle of our soul”.