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For partners

Good afternoon!

“Skifska Etnika” is a trademark whose main task is to create high-quality and inexpensive jewelry with a historical plot. Our jewelry is often an exact copy of real fragments discovered during excavations in the northern Black Sea region. We give the opportunity to purchase not just jewelry, but original designer jewelry in ethnic style, thereby pursuing the main goal - to apply historical aesthetics to the face of a modern person.

"Skifska Etnika" is a complete cycle of modern jewelry production: from a creative idea, drawing, model to skillfully made finished product. Our works are expertly cast using unique technology. Each detail, before becoming an ornament, goes through 12 to 30 stages of processing. The team of the company works on creating the collection from three months to six months, carefully analyzing historical material. Our artists rely on solid historical facts and consult historians and archaeologists. As a result, images are born, filled not only with aesthetics, but also with a certain sacred meaning that is so necessary for modern people.

The base material of jewelry is an alloy of zinc aluminum and copper, does not contain nickel and does not cause allergic reactions. ZAMAK allows you to cast quite large, and at the same time light parts. Products are covered with silver, brass and copper jewelry. This provides a quality coating that is resistant to damage.

We are witnessing an active growth in demand for our products. In this regard, we are starting to search for strategic partners and are reporting on our readiness to begin negotiations.

The company “Skifska Etnika” makes it possible to work and develop in several directions at once:

1. Wholesale and retail trade in finished products - jewelry;

2. Wholesale and retail sales of religious products - icons, name pendants, crosses, etc .;

3. Placing orders for the production of furniture and sewing accessories, award signs, nameplates, etc. on the basis of the production capacities of the “Skifska Etnika” factory.

We inform you of our readiness to discuss with each potential partner individual conditions of cooperation, to determine the best option for development.

If you are interested in cooperation, just call the numbers listed in the contacts section of our website or write to us by e-mail.

Business with the “Skifska Etnika” is - perspective, profitable, stable.

Respectfully, Director of the “Skifska Etnika” A. Dzyubenko