Ukrainian Baroque: brighter, more juicy


So today is time for a new beautiful continuation of the collection of jewerly – “Ukrainian Baroque“. The main idea of collection plays a major role but acquires new accents and shades.

In this remix we used the original drawings, ethnic ornaments and have continued experiments with the earrings and clasps.

The color scheme has become much richer – turquoise in model “Brahma“, black cabochon in “Rizalit” , and the first time in the Skifska Etnika – famous Petrikovskaya painting. You will find many wild flowers, hollyhocks and peonies with luxurious ruby ​​cabochon in sets “Petrikovka”  and “Pannochka” .

The artist Elena Bogacheva creates for the “Skifska Etnika” is not the first time. This time she was inspired by the ancient embroidery, ethnic patterns and images of the birds, flowers, animals.

We hope you will be delighted with the revival of the collection “Ukrainian Baroque“.

With love,
Your Scythian ethnics.